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Nagesh Ramamurthy, IMS Health

Thank you very much for providing us this very insightful, informative, and easy-to-practise webinar on how to enhance our marketing skills! I very much appreciate the speaker Danny Bermant's easy style of speaking. Excellent!

Corinna König-Wildförster, Lonza

Thank you very much for providing this. I joined the webinar and found it really helpful and well structured. Keep going ;-)

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Why JVs are the simplest, most effective, (and cost-effective) way to attract warm leads
The counter-intuitive principle behind every successful JV partnership (it's so simple to implement)

The #1 reason JV partnerships didn’t work for you in the past, and how to avoid making the same mistakes this time around

How to ensure that your partners promote you as planned - so you can maximize your revenue with each launch

Why you’ll never need to make another sales call again

An unusual way to grow your business through JVs (which has nothing to do with launches or leads)

How to become the JV partner that everyone wants to get behind

….and more.


Discover the Simple 3- Step Method for Creating JV Partnerships That Deliver Perfect-Fit Leads For Your Business Again and Again

"Captain JV"
Danny Bermant helps established coaches and consultants attract their ideal clients through joint venture partnerships.

In the last 3 years alone, he has worked with over 400 JV partners and supported numerous launches, summits, giveaways, webinars and other joint ventures, both for his clients, and for other partners, that have generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Danny’s passion is people, and the nurturing of professional relationships. His friends refer to him as “Captain JV” – He is a prolific networker. He has worked with some of the biggest names in marketing and in the process built a sizable network of over 4,000 contacts across every major industry. Nothing gives him more pleasure than enabling both businesses and non-profit organizations to forge new and fruitful partnerships.




Joint Ventures That Work


Over the past three years, Danny Bermant has built more than 400 partnerships and managed or supported numerous launches, summits, giveaways,  and other promotions that have generated millions in revenue. 

In this live training, he will walk you through his unique 3-step process to build successful JV partnerships that generate a continuous stream of perfect-fit, warm leads for your business (without advertising or sleazy selling).

Here's What You'll Discover In The Webinar

The joint venture world can sometimes feel like the Wild West, a giant free for all. 

Danny Bermant has created order out of all the chaos with his unique process for building long-term profitable relationships. 

He’s one of the industry’s leading experts. 

It has been an absolute pleasure to partner with him

Tom Poland, Founder - Leadsology

I’ve never met someone who knows the ins-and-outs of partnerships like Danny.  
His insights into the nuances of developing partnerships that are a win for everyone have been invaluable and he’s connected me with the most amazing people. 

His support has been instrumental in building the JV side of my business over the last 3 years.

Holly Chantal

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